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estate (s) (noun), estates (pl)
1. The property and financial obligations of a person, particularly of a deceased individual: After Janet's father died, his will stated that he wanted his estate to be divided between Mary, his wife, and Nancy, his daughter.
2. A huge area of land in a rural geographic region which is owned by one person or one family: Charles used to visit his friend Thomas on his estate which included a fantastic big villa and horse stables.
3. Property where cotton, grapes, or other crops are grown: Some of the students accompanied their professor to a large coffee estate to see how the plants grew and were harvested.
4. A section of land and housing designed for industrial, commercial, or residential use: The new residential estate for the working class people is attracting those who have to live on a limited budget.
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industrial park; British, industrial estate (s) (noun); industrial parks; British, industrial estates (pl)
A location or zone outside of a town or city; which is designed especially for factories, business offices, etc.
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