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erratic (adjective), more erratic, most erractic
1. Relating to irregular, uncertain or unorganized movements or behavior: Tracking the flight of the butterfly indicated its flight was most erratic.
2. A reference to an unpredictable, irregular, or inconsistent situation; especially, in being likely to depart from expected standards at any time: During the summer holidays, Jaden's schedule for practicing the piano was more erratic than during the normal school year.
3. Characteristic of something which changes direction and does not follow any definite course: Flying in the wind, Fay's kite was most erratic in its positions.
4. A reference to a constant reorientation which has no fixed or regular path; wandering: Ralph and Deborah decided to take a more erratic route home after the sun came out after the stormy weather.
5. Relating to the lack of consistency, regularity, or uniformity: Dr. Black, the cardiologist, was monitoring Jane's erratic heart beat.
6. Referring to variable or unpredictable conditions; such as, the progression of an illness or the site of pain: Oscar tried to describe the erratic itch he had on his right foot.
7. A description of a rock or boulder that was carried from its source by ice and deposited when the ice melted: Maribel picked up an erratic stone at the foot of the glacier to add to her collection.
A reference to someone who is not conforming to normal behavior.
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