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electron ring accelerator, ERA
A proposed particle accelerator in which protons to be accelerated are trapped by the space charge of a ring of relativisitic electrons which is then accelerated.
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era, error
era (IR uh, EHR uh) (noun)
A point in time from which an event or significant period in history is marked: The popularity of the automobile marked the beginning of an era of expanding transportation options for people.
error (EHR uhr) (noun)
An act or situation based on unintentionally inaccurate information: The bank clerk noticed an error in the balance sheet of the customer.

It is an error to think that the modern era ended at the turn of the century.

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are, era
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era (s) (noun), eras (pl)
1. A period of time that is marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event: "Summer camp is not quite the same in this era of tornados."
2. A segment of time which is characterized by particular circumstances, events, or people: "Some examples of eras include, 'The Colonial era of U.S. history'; 'The Clinton era'; and 'The economic depression era'."