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epitaph, epithet
epitaph (EP uh taf") (noun)
Something written or said in memory of a dead person; especially, words written on a gravestone:
Here lies Pecos Bill
He always lied
He once lied loud
He now lies still.
epithet (EP uh thet") (noun)
1. A term used to characterize, or to describe, a person or thing: Monty's charitable works have earned him the epithet "Mr. Philanthropy".
2. An offensive word or name that is used as a way of abusing or insulting someone or others: There was a group of angry people hurling one epithet after another at each other.

An epitaph is sometimes a statement that tells a monumental lie or epithet above (on the grave stone) about the person who lies below.

epithet (EP i thet", EP uh thet") (s) (noun), epithets (pl)
1. A name or title given to express some quality considered characteristic of a person or thing: Here are two examples of epithets; "Richard, the Lion Hearted" and "America, the Beautiful".
2. Sometimes a disparaging name: An "egghead" is an epithet for someone who is an intellectual.

Strictly speaking, an epithet is not necessarily a derogatory term, but it is commonly used as a simple synonym for some term of abuse or slur; such as, there is no place for racial epithets on the radio or TV programs.
3. Etymology: from epitithenai, "to add on"; from epi-, "in addition" + tithenai, "to put".

A title for someone's behavior.
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The quality of person ot thing.
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