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enumerate (verb), enumerates; enumerated; enumerating
1. To count off or name one by one; to write down: The investigator enumerated the flaws of the politician.
2. To determine the quantity of; to tally: Brad enumerated his reasons for working on the project.
3. To specify individually: Janine enumerated the many obstacles she had encountered as she advanced to the position of CEO of the company.
4. To name several things on a list one by one: Dr. Jackson was enumerating the medications that Sam must take and the therapies he should do in order to get better.
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re-enumerate (verb), re-enumerates; re-enumerated; re-enumerating
Determining or ascertaining the aggregates or rations of something again: Warren was asked to re-enumerate the items that he had purchased to be sure nothing was missing.

Fay was re-enumerating the reasons for not going on the trip with her friends.

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