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enhance (verb), enhances; enhanced; enhancing
1. The act of making something greater in value, beauty, or effectiveness: The property owner enhanced his house and yard area in order to give his real estate greater value.
2. To provide with improved, advanced, or sophisticated features: Erin's new computer software will enhance her ability to do more work faster.
3. To raise to a higher degree; to intensify; to magnify: Enhance often has the sense of qualitative improvement; especially, of making something more pleasant or enjoyable; such as, when an orchestra enhances its musical quality by practicing more and finding the best talent available.

So, simply stated, enhance means "to raise, to increase".

4. To make better or more attractive: Audrey’s physical exercises at the local fitness studio, where she goes at least five times every week or as often as possible, has enhanced her body and health.
5. Etymology: from about 1280, anhaunsen, "to raise, to make higher"; later enhauncen, "raise in station, wealth, fame". Borrowed from Anglo-French enhauncer, enhalcier, "to make greater", from Vulgar Latin inaltiare, alteration of Late Latin inaltare, "to raise, to exalt".
—Excerpts from The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology,
Robert K. Barnhart, Editor; The H.W. Wilson Company,
Bronx, New York; 1988.
To make or to become greater.
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To increase or to make above the normal.
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