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encumber (verb), encumbers; encumbered; encumbering
1. To hinder or to impede the action or performance of: The lack of funding is encumbering the project that the city council is working on.

The war against the terrorists has been encumbered by a mutual lack of trust and cooperation by the countries.

2. To make a person or something carry anything that is very heavy: Jake and his family were encumbered by the heavy equipment and supplies that they had to move from one place to another one when they went camping in different places during the summer.

As a hiker, Frank was encumbered with a heavy pack because he had to make sure he had what was necessary to survive while he was walking in the wilderness and mountainous areas.

3. To load with debt or liability: Joe refused to encumber his estate with mortgages.
To over load with work.
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To hinder or to impede the action or performance of someone or something; such as, with work or responsibilities. (1)