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enclave (s), enclaves (pl) (nouns)
1. A country, or part of a country, that is lying wholly within the boundaries of another country: "An enclave of a country may have boundaries, making it clear that it is a distinct or a separate and different part from the larger territory that surrounds it."
2. A distinctly bounded area of a minority group living together within but apart from another culture which is enclosed within the larger unit: "There are several ethnic enclaves in the city; for example, China Town is an enclave in New York City and San Francisco."

"Many elderly people are living out their golden years in enclaves of retirement communities."

3. A place or a group which is different in character from those surrounding it: "The computer programmers in the company have their own enclave."
4. Etymology: from Late Lain inclavare, "to shut in, to lock up"; from Latin in-, "in" + clavis, "key".
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