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emulate (verb), emulates; emulated; emulating
1. To strive to match or to excel; especially, to try to equal or to surpass someone or something that is successful or admired by other people: In order to emulate a famous artist, Nancy had to take lessons for many years before being acknowledged as a master of visual creations.
2. To compete with successfully or to be successful in comparison with someone or something else: After his father’s death, Doug took over his position of being president in his father’s firm and tried to emulate him, and with such positive results, that he was commended and praised by the whole staff.
3. To approach or to attain similarity with someone, or something, by imitation or by producing a superior product: Tom admired his favorite TV star so much that he decided to emulate his hairstyle just like his  hero on TV by dyeing or coloring it and wearing it in a pigtail!
4. In computer science, to imitate the functions of another system, by modifications to hardware or software that allow the imitating system to accept the same data, to execute the same programs, and to achieve the same results as the imitated system: James had his hardware and software, or a combination of the two, emulated which made it possible for his friend’s laptop to use the copied applications.
To strive to surpass or to equal someone else.
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To imitate or to equal something.
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