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1. An agent that assuages or mollifies.
2. Trying to avoid anger and argument by using a calming manner.
3. Making less harsh or abrasive; mollifying.
4. An agent that softens or soothes the skin.
5. Softening or soothing, especially to the skin.
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emollient, emolument
emollient (i MUL yuhnt) (noun)
That which soothes or softens: The pharmacist created an emollient for dry skin.
emolument (i MUL yuh muhnt) (noun)
The compensation or rewards associated with employment: An important question to ask during a job interview is about the emolument for the position, e.g. wages and other benefits.

There are those who say that the emolument of the job is the real emollient for all of the long hours they have to spend working.