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electromagnetic sensitivity, EMF Sensitivity (s); electromagnetic sensitivities (pl), EMF Sensitivities (nouns)
An illness caused by radiation coming from cell phones, microwave or cell phone towers, radar, satellite, infrared, Wifi, GPS, RFID tags, computers, power lines, and other electrical equipment: "Individuals who are badly affected with EMF sensitivity suffer with headaches, insomnia, irritability, behavior disorders, autism, nerve and/or muscle pain, leukemia, tumors or cancer, heart attacks and other ailments."

"Certain population groups that have a tendency to suffer from elecromagnetic sensitivities include children, the elderly, and people with other illnesses."

"EMF Sensitivity is a highly controversial field of medicine; so, finding treatment for this illness is difficult, if not impossible, apparently because medical authorities do not consider electromagnetic fields a cause of the sicknesses as claimed by patients."

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