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emerge, emerges; emerged; emerging (verbs)
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emerge, emerse, immerge
emerge (i MURJ) (verb)
To come forth, to rise up, to come into sight and is usually followed by "from": Mary was seen with her hair dripping as she was about to emerge from the swimming pool.

The sun is about to emerge from behind those fleecy clouds.

emerse (ee MURS) (verb)
To arise, or to cause to surface, from a liquid: A water lily standing out of the water with its surrounding leaves is said to emerse from the water.
immerge (i MURJ) (verb)
To plunge or to sink into and to disappear; while in its former meaning, it is synonymous with "immerse": The chemist will immerge the metal rod into the acid.

The faint moon will immerge into the shadow of the sun.

The mermaid decided to immerge herself into the deep water; then with a flick of her tail, she seemed to emerge from the water like a flash of silver.