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allusive, elusive, delusive, illusive,
allusive (uh LOO siv) (adjective)
Suggestive, indirect reference to something: Claude was always allusive regarding anything about his personal life and he never provided any specific information.
elusive (i LOO siv) (adjective)
1. Tending to slip away; hard to grasp or to perceive: Lynn had an elusive perfume fragrance which her friends could not identify.
2. Difficult to find or to capture: The truth is proving to be elusive.
delusive (di LOO siv) (adjective)
Tending to mislead, to deceive: Erica is being delusive when she tells members of the project that they can finish this job on time.
illusive (i LOO siv) (adjective)
Deceptive, unreal, misleading: Neil has illusive hopes of finding a better job.

While Mathew was lost in the desert, he saw an illusive oasis known as a mirage.

Ed made an allusive comment about the illusive nature of his new novel which was intended to be delusive, creating an elusive sense of reality and confusing the readers.

elusive (adjective), more elusive, most elusive
1. Tending to avoid perception or comprehension; including being difficult to understand, define, or to identify: The students found the solutions to some of the math problems very elusive until the teacher explained the numerical process that made it easier to solve them.
2. Referring to being hard to find or to capture: The cat was very elusive because it was hiding in the bushes during the day and came out only at night.
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elusive (i LOO siv, i LOO ziv) (adjective), more elusive, most elusive
1. Evasive or crafty: They say that antelopes are among the most elusive animals to hunt.
2. Hard to comprehend, baffling: For many people, mathematics is full of elusive concepts.
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