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elude (i LOOD) (verb), eludes; eluded; eluding
1. To avoid, escape from, dodge, get away from, evade as by daring, cleverness, or skill: The burglar eluded the police by hiding in a dumpster and he continued to elude the police until he was able to sneak out and go home.
2. To escape the understanding or comprehension of: The new neighbor's family name is eluding Willie; so, he can't tell his wife who they are.
3. Escaping by dexterity or stratagem; such as, a blow, an attack, a danger, or a difficulty: By running down the alley, the bank robber thought he was successfully eluding the police.
4. Evading compliance with, or fulfillment of, a law, an order, a demand, a request, an obligation, etc.: The publishing baron, Mr. Maxwell, hoped he was eluding the tax collectors by moving to a different country.
5. Slipping away from, escaping adroitly from a person's grasp or pursuit; literally, and figuratively; evading (curiosity, vigilance, etc.): Whenever possible, the famous actress eluded the photographers when she left home.
6. Etymology: from Latin eludere, "to escape from, to make a fool of"; from ex- "out, away" + ludere, "to play".
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elude (i LOOD) (verb), eludes; eluded; eluding

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