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elevation (s) (noun), elevations (pl)
1. The height to which something becomes higher or rises: When there is a strong storm the elevation of a river can exceed its limits and flood the whole area, even covering residential areas and causing severe damage.
2. The altitude of a place above sea level or ground level: The map showed the town in Germany to have an elevation of 350 meters, which was high enough to have some snow in the winter season.
3. A drawing or graphic representation that represents an object or structure as being produced geometrically on a vertical plane parallel to one of its sides: The client had approved the architect’s floor plans, so they could now start to work on the elevations to confirm the vertical alignments with the other nearby buildings.

Architects typically look at various options in the elevation of construction in order to review how the vertical alignments and proportions of the proposed building will work with the overall designs of neighboring structures.

4. The ability of a dancer to stay in the air while executing a step or the height attained: In ballet, Harry had the most outstancing talent because of his abilities to achieve extraordinary elevations during his performances.
(Greek: any elevation, bank, hill, mound)
(Latin: nipple; nipple-shaped elevation or growth)
(Latin: pertaining to the navel, umbilical cord; a protuberance or swelling; related to umbo, the boss [a convex elevation or knob] of a shield)