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elevate (verb), elevates; elevated; elevating
1. To move something to a higher place or position; to lift up: Susan decided to elevate the stool in the kitchen so she could work more easily while sitting at the counter.
2. To raise the volume, the intensity, or amplitude of something: Because Sharon could hardly hear the news on the radio, she elevated the level of sound so she could hear more distinctly.
3. To improve and rise to a higher position: After teaching for 10 years at her school and being the head of the English department, June was elevated to the position of vice-principal.
4. To upgrade to a more improved intellectual, cultural, or moral level: The parents’ opinion of their daughter’s boyfriend was elevated significantly when they saw how he well he treated her and how friendly he was towards them.
5. To lift the spirits of; to be overjoyed or jubilant: The thought of going to Venice for their honeymoon elevated and excited Grace when her fiancé made the suggestion.
6. From Latin elevatus, past participle of elevare, "lift up, raise," from ex-, "out" plus levare, "lighten, raise"; from levis, "light."
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