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electrophoretic display
1. A display that forms visible images by rearranging charged pigment particles using an applied electric field.
2. A liquid crystal display in which a light-absorbing dye has been added to the liquid to improve both color and luminance contrast.

Individual electrically charged dye particles move when an electric field is applied.

3. A reflective display which offers a wide choice of colors and has a short-to-medium-term memory which consumes no power.

The heart of the display is a suspension of charge pigment particles in a liquid of another color.

The suspension, a layer typically 50 micrometers thick, is sandwiched between a pair of electrodes, one of which is transparent.

When direct current of the right polarity is applied to the electrodes, the particles are pulled toward the transparent electrode thus displacing the contrasting liquid and showing their own coloration.

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