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electronic ink
1. A coated substance, of paper-like thickness and flexibility, whose colors at each point can be changed by electric stimulus to produce changing text and images.
2. A liquid substance which responds to electrical impulses to enable changeable text and image displays on a flexible surface.

This kind of ink will be used for applications; such as, e-books, electronic newspapers, portable signs, and foldable, rollable displays.

Electronic ink contains millions of tiny capsules filled with dark dyes and negatively charged white chips, that are floating in a substance like vegetable oil.

With a printer-like device, the electronic ink-coated material is exposed to electrical impulses which act on the white chips to make them display as light or dark-colored.

A pattern of charges when applied will make it possible for a display of images and text and such information to be displayed can be downloaded through a connection to a computer, a cell phone, or it can be created with mechanical tools; such as, something called an electronic "pencil".

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