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electron optics, electron-optics
1. The area of science devoted to the directing and guiding of electron beams using electric fields in the same manner as lenses are used on light beams.
2. The study of the motion of free electrons under the influence of electric and magnetic fields; as in laser technology, light amplificaion, and photoelectricity.
3. The science that deals with the direction, deflection, or focusing of beams of electrons by electric and magnetic fields; such as, in electron lenses.
4. The science of the control of electron motion by electron lenses in systems or under conditions analogous to those involving or affecting visible light.
5. A branch of electronics concerned with the behavior of the electron beam under the influence of electrostatic and electromagnetic forces.
6. The science of the emission and propagation of electrons and of the factors controlling and modifying their flow; especially, when applied to electron microscopy.
7. The science and technology concerned with the use of applied electrical fields to generate and to control optical radiation.

The term electron-optics is often used erroneously as a synonym for optoelectronic.

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