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1. The range of metallurgical processes in which electricity has a key role; for example, electroplating and the use of arc furnaces.
2. A branch of metallurgy which deals with the processing of metals to reduce metallic compounds by means of electricity.
3. The art and the science of extracting and refining metal values from ores by electrical or electrochemical processes.
4. The process dealing with the use of electricity for smelting or refining of metals.

The electrochemical effect of an electric current brings about the reduction of metallic compounds, and thereby the extraction of metals from their ores (electrowinning) or the purification of the metals (electrorefining).

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electrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy
Two techniques that are used in metallurgy, which is concerned with extracting metals from ores, refining them, purifying them, and preparing them for practical applications.

While some metals; such as, gold and silver can be found uncombined with other elements in nature, most metals occur as minerals; that is, in chemical combination with nonmetallic elements.

When the combination is such that the extraction of a metal from a mineral is economically attractive, the combination is called an ore. The technique of producing metals from ore is called "process metallurgy" or "extraction metallurgy".

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