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electromagnetic system of units, electromagnetic units, emu (noun) (plural used as a singular)
1. A system of electrical units, based on the centimeter, gram, and second, in which a unit of magnetic pole is by definition such that two units of the same sign placed one centimeter apart in free space will repel each other with a force of one dyne.

Units in the system are usually presented with the prefix ab-; such as, abampere, abvolt, etc.

2. A centimeter-gram-second system of electric and magnetic units in which the unit of current is defined as the current which, if maintained in two straight parallel wires having infinite length and being one centimeter apart in vacuum, would produce between these conductors a force of two dynes (units of force) per centimeter of length.

Other units are derived from this definition by assigning unit coefficients in equations relating electric and magnetic quantities.

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(Latin: prefix; indicating electromagnetic units of the centimeter-gram-second system)