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electromagnetic interference, EMI
1. Interference in a circuit caused by the radiation of an electric or magnetic field or the operation of a nearby electric motor; for example, the disturbance on a television set.
2. The harmful impairment of a desired electromagnetic signal by an electromagnetic disturbance.
3. Electromagnetic phenomena which, either directly or indirectly, can contribute to a degradation in the performance of an electronic receiver or system.

The terms radio interference, radio-frequency interference, noise, emi, and rfi have all been used at various times in reference to the same definition context.

4. An electrical, or electromagnetic, disturbance in a system caused by natural phenomena (lightning), low-frequency waves from electromechanical devices, or high-frequency waves from chips and other electronic devices; such as, radar, radio and TV signals, motors with brushes, and power lines.

Such electromagnetic disturbances can induce unwanted voltages in electronic circuits, damage components, and cause malfunctions.

Shields, filters, and transient suppressors are used in an effort to protect electronics from electromagnetic interferences.

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