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ejaculatorium (s), ejaculatoria (pl)
The place where ejaculated sperm is kept frozen; also known as a sperm bank.

Why are men using ejaculatoria or sperm banks?

The majority of depositors are fathers who are about to have vasectomies because at present they want no more children.

Should they change their minds, their frozen sperm will be available. Other customers are men concerned about involuntary sterilization; such as, surgical patients and men who must work near radiation-producing equipment.

    There are still other categories:
  • Anonymous donors whose sperm will be used for artificially inseminating women who cannot otherwise become pregnant.
  • Would-be fathers whose semen will be consolidated in an attempt to raise their sperm count to a level high enough to cause pregnancy.
  • There are also a few simple eccentrics—like the Midwestern grandfather who has stored his seed against the possibility that his only son might prove infertile and thus not carry on the family line.
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