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effective, effectual, efficient
effective (i FEK tiv) (adjective)
Capable of having a decisive or desired result: Brushing your teeth twice every day is an effective way to reduce tooth decay.
effectual (i FEK choo uhl) (adjective)
Referring to something which or someone who has produced or caused a desired result: A trained police force was effectual in reducing crime in the city.
efficient (i FISH uhnt) (adjective)
Achieving the desired result with a minimum of waste: The new water heater in the kitchen was very efficient because it worked fast and used much less energy.

Reading the manual on teaching fractions is a very effective way to increase the effectual nature of the teachers who are always striving to be efficient.

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biological effective dose; abbreviated, BED (s) (noun), biological effective doses (pl)
The amount of a substance that is sufficient to bring about some significant physiological changes in the affected organism; specifically, the level of exposure to a toxic substance that is required to produce a harmful effect: The doctors continue to study the biological effective doses of radiation that are being administered to treat the skin cancer of Mark's cousin.
effective isotropic radiated power, EIRP (s) (noun), effective isotropic radiated powers (pl)
A measurement of the output of RFID reader antennas used in the United States and elsewhere: An effective isotropic radiated power is the assessment of the power of the signal departing from a satellite antenna in a certain direction.

EIRP is usually expressed in watts.

effective radiated power, ERP (s) (noun), effective radiated powers (pl)
A measurement of the output of RFID reader antennas used in Europe and elsewhere: An effective radiated power is the same as "equivalent radiated power" and is an IFEE standardized meaning of directional radio frequency power.

ERP is usually expressed in watts and is not the same as EIRP.

effective voltage
For an alternating voltage, the root-mean square voltage.
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effective temperature
The temperature a black body would have if it radiated the same amount of radiation from the same volume as the object being considered.
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