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addible, edible
addible (AD uh b'l) (adjective)
That which can be increased in size, quantity, quality, or scope: Earl found that his yard still had addible areas for more new flowers.

The new part-time job made it possible for Edna to have addible cash for her expenses.

edible (ED uh buhl) (adjective)
Anything that can be safely eaten: Erin was looking for edible fruit on the trees in her back yard.

Josephine was compiling a list of edible vegetation areas in her garden; however, when the calculations were completed, she realized there were still some addible spaces to also cultivate flowers.

edible (adjective), more edible, most edible
1. That which is fit or safe to consume; especially, by humans: Sam was at the outdoor market on Saturday, looking for some edible fruits and vegetables for his family.
2. Etymology: borrowed from Late Latin edibilis and from Latin edere, "to eat".
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(Latin: food; good to eat, eatable, edible)
(Latin: animating, enlivening; vigorous, vigor, active; to be alive, activity, to quicken; then a quickening action of growing; a specific sense of "plant cultivated for food, edible herb, or root" is first recorded in 1767; the differences between the meanings from its original links with "life, liveliness" was completed in the early twentieth century, when vegetable came to be used for an "inactive person".)