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1. A book of the Apocrypha; also called, Wisdom of Jesus, the Son of Sirach.
2. An Apocryphal book mainly of maxims or proverbs.

The Apocrypha includes the biblical books in the Roman Catholic Vulgate Bible and has been accepted in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox canon (body of ecclesiastical law); but it is considered noncanonical by Protestants because they are not part of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is also defined as various early Christian writings proposed as additions to the New Testament, but it was rejected by the major canons (bodies of ecclesiastical laws).

Etymologically, from Late Latin apocryphus, "secret, not approved for public reading", from Greek apokryphos, "hidden, obscure"; thus "(books) of unknown authorship" (especially those included in the Septuagint and the Vulgate, but not originally written in Hebrew and not counted as genuine by the Jews.

The term apocrypha also refers to writings or statements of questionable authorship or authenticity.

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