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dysesthesia (s) (noun), dysesthesias (pl)
1. Abnormal sensations on the skin; such as, a feeling of numbness, tingling, prickling (as if with pins and needles), burning, or cutting pain: When Mildred sleeps on one of her arms, she sometimes wakes up with dysesthesia which involves arm tingles and she suspects that such feelings are caused by a pinched nerve.
2. A difficulty or derangement of sensation, or of any bodily senses; also applied to a class of diseases of which this is a symptom: The hospital team diagnosed Sarina as having dysesthesia because of the range of neurological symptoms which she was experiencing.
3. Abnormal sensations experienced with the absence of any stimulations: Mike was upset by the unusual dysesthesias he was feeling on his left arm and so he went to see a neurologist.
4. An unusual distortion of the sense of touch: As a result of the dysesthesia which he had developed, Oscar noticed that even the soft velvet cushion on the chair felt hard and scratchy.

Dysesthesia may be caused by some abnormal organic or mental conditions.