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duration (s) (noun), durations (pl)
An extension or length of time that something exists or lasts: The manager of the store told Jim that it would be closed for a duration of one month because of the renovations that were going to be made.

Peggy was told by her physical trainer that she should gradually increase the duration of her workouts.

The TV cameras remained on the President for the duration of his speech.

(Greek: large, great; long [in extent or duration]; enlarged, or elongated, long [in length]; abnormally large)
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pulse duration, pulse width
In electricity, the time interval between the first and the last instants at which the instantaneous value is a specified fraction often 50%, of the peak pulse amplitude (magnitude of a pulse).
This entry is located in the following unit: puls-, pulsi-, -pulsion, -pulsive (page 3)