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dour (DOER or DOUR) (adjective); dourer, more dourer; dourest, most dourer
1. Severe or gloomy, and unfriendly and unresponsive toward others: Marge had a dour expression on her face when she heard about the higher prices at the store.
2. Grimly and stubbornly determined: The football player was in a dour mood when he tried to run for the goal with the football.
3. Marked by sternness or harshness; a forbidding nature: The people had dour feelings when they returned to see the results of the flooding of their homes.

The politician had a dour personality when he heard about the comments made about him by his opponent.

4. Etymology: "severe", from Scottish and northern England dialect, considered to be from Latin durus "hard"; the sense of "gloomy" is from about 1470.

The pronunciation of dour traditionally rhymes with "tour"; as with DOER. The variant pronunciation that rhymes with "sour" (DOUR) is also considered to be widely used and so it is also considered an acceptable pronunciation by some authorities.

Relating to showing sternness or a forbidding nature.
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Pertaining to showing a stern or severe behavior.
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Severe or gloomy, and being unfriendly and unresponsive toward others. (2)