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dosimetry (s) (noun) (usually no plural)
Measurement of radiation exposure, especially X-rays or gamma rays; calculation of a radiation dose from internally administered radionuclides: "The doctor checked the affects of the radiation doses with the clinic's dosimetry."
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biological dosimetry (s) (noun) (usually only singular)
An area of science that uses the physical damage produced by radiation to estimate radiation doses: It was small comfort for the patient to know that the tissue damage sustained from the radiation was considered important for biological dosimetry.
thermoluminescent dosimetry, TLD (s) (noun), (no plural form)
1. A method of measuring the ionizing emissions to which a person is exposed by means of a device that contains a radiant sensitive crystalline material: Thermoluminescent dosimetry stores the radiation's energy by changing the structure and then when the material is heated at some later time, it releases the energy as ultraviolet or visible light.

Because of her work in the X-ray department at the hospital, Ms. Smith frequently used the thermoluminescent dosimetry device to ensure that she remained uncontaminated by the radioactive emissions.

2. The determination of the amount of lucidity to which a material has been exposed: Usually thermoluminescent dosimetry is accomplished by heating the material in a specially designed instrument which relates the amount of luminescence coming from the material to the amount of exposure.

Ionizing radiation; such as, x rays, alpha rays, beta rays, and gamma rays, remains undetectable by the senses, and the damage it causes to the body is cumulative, depending on the total dosage of thermoluminescent dosimetry received.

Dr. Jonas used the thermoluminescent dosimetry concept to obtain an estimation of the amount of radioactive elements to which the X-ray staff might have received.