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domicile (s) (noun), domiciles (pl)
1. The country that someone lives in or has as his or her permanent home: As a professional photographer for his newspaper, Robert travels to different nations to work, but his domicile, or main residence, is in Canada.
2. The house, apartment, or other place where someone lives; a dwelling place: Mr. Smart decided to build his little domicile next to a lovely lake.
3. In law, someone’s true, fixed, and legally recognized place of residence in cases of prolonged absence that require the person to prove a continuing and significant connection with the country: Joe lived and worked as a teacher at a German school overseas, and his domicile was in Stuttgart, Germany; where he was  lawfully registered as a civil servant and was paid by the government.
4. A place where a company or other organization is registered; especially, for tax reasons: Sharon's firm is thinking of moving its domicile, or premises, from Hungary to Italy in order to increase the sales of its products.
Home or a place of residence.
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domicile (verb), domiciles; domiciled; domiciling
To live, to take up residence in, or to treat a specific nation as a permanent home: There are many refugees who are domiciling in Germany and many more want to domicile there and in other countries.

Max has been domiciling in a house near Los Angeles for several years.

This entry is located in the following unit: dom-, domo-, domat-, domato- (page 3)