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doctorate (s) (noun), doctorates (pl)
The highest degree that a person can earn from a university or college; such as, a PhD, Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy or an American doctorate usually based on at least three years of graduate study and a dissertation): Carol was teaching at the university after having earned her PhD doctorate.

The institution awarding the doctorate has considerable discretion as to the titles it uses for degrees; so, institutional nomenclature may differ even for the same subject. The following are just a sample of the many doctorates that are issued by universities:

  • D.M.D: Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • D.D.S: Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • D.D: Doctor of Divinity (in religion)
  • D.Ed., Ed.D: Doctor of Education
  • M.D: Doctor of Medicine
  • D.Mus, Mus.D: Doctor of Music
  • Mus.D: Doctor of Musical Arts
  • O.D: Doctor of Optometry
  • D.O: Doctor of Osteopathy
  • D.A.: Doctor of Arts
  • D.Chem.: Doctor of Chemistry
  • (D.G.S.: Doctor of Geological Science
  • D.Phil, a British doctorate in Philosophy
  • D.P.H: Doctor of Public Health (in preventive medicine)
  • D.Sc or Sc.D: Doctor of Sciences
  • Th.D: Doctor of Theology (religion)
  • S.T.D: Doctor of Sacred Theology (religion)
  • D.G.S. Doctor of Geological Science
  • D.M.L.: Doctor of Modern Languages
  • D.M.Sc.: Doctor of Medical Science
  • D.C.J.: Doctor of Criminal Justice
  • D.L.S: Doctor of Library Science
  • D.C.J.: Doctor of Criminal Justice
  • D.Sc.H.: Doctor of Science and Hygiene
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