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divorce, divorcé; divorcee, divorcée
divorce (di VORS, di VOHRS) (noun)
1. The legal dissolution of a marriage: Millie was so unhappy in her marriage that she decided to apply for a divorce and live by herself.
2. A complete or radical severance of closely connected things: To ensure a completely neutral decision, there should be a divorce between the church and the courts.
divorcé (di vor SAY, di vor SEE; di VOHR say") (noun)
A man who has officially ended his marriage and who has not married again: As a divorcé, Grover was cautious about going on dates again.
divorcee, divorcée (di vor SAY, di vor SEE) (noun)
A woman whose marriage has been terminated by law and has not wedded again: In many old movies, the divorcee always seems to be having a good time.

When the divorcé was talking with a divorcée, they discovered they had used the same divorce lawyer when each one finalized his and her divorce.