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divination (s) (noun), divinations (pl)
1. The method or practice of attempting to foretell the future or discovering the unknown through omens, oracles, or by supernatural powers: Divinations involve being able to foresee approaching events or obtaining secret knowledge through communication with holy sources and through signs and revelations.
2. A prophecy or prediction; soothsaying or the interpretation of omens or events: A divination is based on the belief in making events known to humans by the spirits and in supernatural forms of knowledge and so it attempts to make known those things that neither reason nor science can discover.
3. A premonition or feeling of apprehension about something that is going to happen: The system of divination takes for granted that spiritual beings exist, are approachable by humans, have access to the knowledge which people do not possess, and are willing, depending on certain conditions, to let supernatural beings communicate the special knowledge which they are believed to possess.
A practice of attempting to foretell something in the future.
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An insight into the unknown.
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Quotes: Divinations
Fortune telling or divination quotes.
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(fortune telling or paying more attention to the future than the present)