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divide (s) (noun), divides (pl)
1. A line of hills or mountains from which water runs into other rivers or oceans: Jill and Jim spent part of their summer vacation visiting the continental divide that was formed by the Rocky Mountains in the United States extending from Alaska to Mexico.
2. A separation of people into two or more groups: The political conflicts have resulted in a growing divide between the conservative and the liberal coalitions of the country.
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divide (verb), divides; divided; dividing
1. To separate or to split something into two or more parts or groups: Mike's father divided his property evenly among his children as stated in his will.

Sara divided the pie uniformly into ten pieces for her family.

Mrs. Thomas divided her class up into six teams to work on the class assignment.

2. To share or to give something, usually in equal amounts: Before the meal, the two friends agreed to divide the cost justly between them just as they had divided their work equally.
3. To use different amounts of something for different purposes or activities: Monroe divides his time between his apartment in the city and visiting his son in the country.
4. To cause something to be separated or away from something else: The neighbors have a tall fence that divides their properties.
5. To keep people away from each other when they have disagreements or can't get along: The nation was divided by racial conflicts.
6. To calculate how many times a number contains another number: If John divides 8 by 2, the result equals 4.
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(Latin: joint, divide into joints, segment into joints; speak distinctly)
(Latin: part, parts, to divide)
(Latin: to rend, to tear, to divide)
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digital divide
The difference in opportunities available to people who have access to modern information technology and those who do not.

A term coined by former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Telecommunication and Communication, Larry Irving, Jr., to focus public awareness on the gap in access to information resources and services between those with the means to purchase the computer hardware and software necessary to connect to the internet and low-income families and communities who cannot afford network access.

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Divide et impera. (Latin maxim)
Translation: "Divide and rule."

1. A reference to the policy of stirring up dissension and rivalries within the ranks of one's enemies, as Caesar did in Gaul and elsewhere.

2. This ancient political maxim, adopted by Machiavelli, is also given as Divide ut regnes and as Divide ut imperes, all of which mean "divide [the opposition] in order to rule" or "divide and conquer".

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Continental Divide
The main series of mountains in North America, primarily the crests of the Rocky Mountains, that form a watershed (ridge of land) that separates the rivers flowing east into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico from those flowing west into the Pacific Ocean.
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