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ditto (s) (noun), dittos (pl)
1. A mark; such as, (") which is used to indicate the word above it should be repeated: "When filling out the application form for a job, Alfred used dittos to show that the information which was wanted was the same as that which he had just written in the space above it."
2. Used instead of repeating something that has just been said to indicate that the same thing applies to you; such as, "I was bored with that speech." "Ditto for me, too."
3. A duplicate; a copy: "It was amazing! The son was a complete ditto of his father!"
4. Etymology: from Tuscan dialect ditto, "(in) the said (month or year)"; from Italian detto, past participle of dire, "to say"; from Latin dicere, "a saying, an expression, a word"; from dic-, stem of dicere, "to speak, to tell, to say".

Originally, "ditto" was used in Italian to avoid the repetition of month names in a series of dates; generalized meaning of "same as above" was first recorded in English in 1678.

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ditto mark (s) (noun), ditto marks (pl)
A sign (") indicating a repetition which is usually put under a word, a number, or a passage that is supposed to be repeated: "Since there were so many words that were the same for each answer in the survey, Josh used ditto marks to indicate which ones were the same as the ones shown above."

Marcus filled out answers for numbers 2-4 with ditto marks:

  1. Do you like ice cream? Yes
  2. Do you like chocolate candy? "
  3. Do you like cookies? "
  4. Do you like apple crumble? "
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