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distracted, distrait, distraught
distracted (di STRAKT id) (verb)
To call attention away from the focus of a situation: The loud shout on the street distracted the concentration and thinking of the people in the bank.
distrait (di STRAY); distraite (dis TRAYT) [French] (adjective)
Inattentive or preoccupied, especially because of anxiety: When Shauna didn't show up for the meeting, her employer was uneasy and distrait.
distraught (di STRAWT) (adjective)
Confused or stirred up due to mental conflict, anxiety or doubt: When Sheena's son was late coming home from school, she was distraught, imagining all sorts of things which might have happened to him.

Frieda's mother appeared to be distraught and distrait during the school meeting and we were all distracted by the noise of the train speeding past across the street.

distraught (adjective), more distraught, most distraught
1. Conveying a deeply agitated or distracted condition; especially, with emotional conflicts: Lulu was a distraught child because she often witnessed her parents having violent arguments.
2. Descriptive of being mentally deranged; crazed, or insane: The distraught passenger on the subway was talking loudly to herself and waving a book at the other people sitting near her.
Greatly upset or in a state of violent excitement.
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In a state of perplexity or driven mad.
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Descriptive of being greatly agitated or disturbed. (2)