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1. Something that has been dissected; such as, a tissue specimen of an animal or plant that is being studied.
2. That which has been dissected; for example, an anatomical specimen.
3. A thorough and detailed analysis or examination of something: such as, a policy or plan that has been presented.
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(Latin: the fasting [intestine], the portion of the small intestine between the duodenum and the ileum [so named because early anatomists typically found this organ to be empty in dissection]; original meaning, "hungry, not partaking of food")
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axillary dissection, axillary node dissection (s) (noun); axillary dissections, axillary node dissections (pl)
The surgical removal of lymph nodes in the armpits: Axillary dissections are performed through an incision in the axilla or as part of a modified radical mastectomy for women with invasive breast cancer.
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Cutting open dead bodies in order to study their internal characteristics.