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dispose (verb), disposes; disposed; disposing
1. To place or to set in a particular order; to arrange: Larry and Randy, the waiters at the restaurant, will dispose all of the eating utensils (knives, forks, spoons, etc.) on the tables for breakfast after closing for the evening.
2. To put (business affairs, for example) into correct, definitive, or a conclusive form: James disposed his assets and property in a conscientious manner.
3. To put into a willing or receptive frame of mind: Irene's teacher is well disposed to think highly of the music of J. S. Bach.
4. To transfer or part with, as by giving or selling something: Gary decided to dispose of his antique car when he retired.
5. To get rid of; to throw out: Some people dispose of the most astonishing household objects; such as, good mirrors, furniture, etc.
(Latin: a suffix; full of, disposed to)
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ill-disposed (adjective), more ill-disposed, most ill-disposed
A reference to someone who is unfriendly or has a bad attitude: Judy evidently was in a disagreeable mood that morning and was completely ill-disposed and uncooperative with the others in her study group at school.
A bad or unfriendly behavior.
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