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deposition, disposal, disposition
deposition (dep" uh ZISH uhn) (noun)
The written testimony of a witness made under oath: The law clerk helped the witness prepare the deposition to submit to the court, telling her side of the story.
disposal (di SPOH zuhl) (noun)
1. The authority or inclination to determine the use of something: Mr. Simmons said, "As the office manager, it is at my disposal whether the visitors may use the telephone and fax machine."
2. An instrument for the orderly and systematic destruction of something: When they renovated their kitchen, they installed a top-of-the-line disposal for the elimination of the household kitchen garbage.
disposition (dis" puh ZISH uhn) (noun)
1. A plan for the orderly management of property, money, etc.: In his last will, the factory owner was careful to make a statement of the disposition of the bank account to the family lawyer.
2. The act of getting rid of something: Kari arranged for the disposition of the old tires by sending them to the recycling center.
3. A typical attitude, temperament, or mood: Rosalie had a sunny disposition which enhanced her teaching skills.

Leticia's strong public disposition motivated her to write a deposition to the city disposal agency to complain about the inadequate disposal of garbage in her neighborhood.

disposal (s) (noun), disposals (pl)
1. The act or process of getting rid of something: The disposal of the confidential documents was critical because the wrong people might find and use them for illegal purposes.
2. An electric device installed below a kitchen sink that grinds garbage so it can be flushed away: The restaurant's garbage disposal was an efficient method for getting rid of ingredients that were no longer useful for the preparations of meals.
3. Having the freedom or legal right to use or to keep something: There is money in the credit union that is at John's disposal to utilize as he desires.
4. Final placement or destruction of toxic, radioactive wastes, pesticides, or other chemicals: The site for toxic refuse disposal is located in the country and the nearby rural population is very upset about such disposals.

Various kinds of disposals are done by using landfills, surface impoundments, land farming, deep-well injection, ocean dumping, incinerations, etc.

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disposal well (s) (noun), disposal wells (pl)
A hole dug in the ground for the safe storage of waste materials from various chemical industries: The oil company used the old disposal wells to store toxic wastes.