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dismantle (verb), dismantles; dismantled; dismantling
1. To take apart, to disassemble, or to tear something down into its constituent pieces in a way that causes it to stop working: The auto mechanic dismantled the engine so he could repair it.
2. To destroy something by removing key elements; such as, an institution or system by removing its essential parts: The school program was dismantled because there was a lack of funding.
3. To strip a room or a building of its furniture or equipment: The buildings were dismantled so they could be demolished and new constructions be done to replace them.
4. Etymology: from the 1570's, from Middle French desmanteler, "to tear down the walls of a fortress", literally, "to strip off a cloak"; from des-, "off, away" or dis-, "apart, lack of, not" + manteler, "to cloak, to mantle".
To tear apart or to tear down.
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