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deceased, diseased
deceased (di SEES't, di SEEST) (adjective)
Dead; no longer living: The minister asked that everyone spend a quiet moment thinking of their deceased friend.

Susan asked, "Is your grandfather alive or deceased?"

diseased (di ZEEZ'd, di ZEEZD) (adjective)
Ill, sick; a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally: The doctor diagnosed his diseased patient as having a skin ailment as determined by the spots that appeared on his chest.

The doctor reported that the deceased had been diseased for several years before his death.

(Greek kirrhos: orange-yellow > New Latin cirrhosis: diseased condition of the liver)
(Greek: a suffix; blood, usually a diseased condition of the blood)
(Greek > Latin: suffix; a process; a diseased condition)
(Greek: a suffix that means: state or condition of; diseased condition of)