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disclaimer (s) (noun), disclaimers (pl)
1. A statement which is meant to prevent an incorrect understanding of something; such as, a movie, a book, or an advertisement: The documentary on TV started with a disclaimer that any of its presentations are fictional re-creations of real events.

During the re-election campaign, the President made public disclaimers about not wanting to increase taxes; however, the voters were not convinced.

2. A repudiation or denial of any responsibility or connection to something: The book had a disclaimer that stated: "Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental".
3. A denial or giving up of any legal responsibility; such as, a statement that is made by an individual or an institution: Before using the swimming pool for an Aqua Fit program, the residents of the condominium were asked to sign a disclaimer with the management in case an accident should occur.
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