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dire (adjective); direr, direst or more dire, most dire
1. Descriptive of something; such as, an event or a situation that causes terrible and dreadful consequences; calamitous: Fred's business advisor presented a dire economic forecast.
2. Characterized by severe, serious, or desperate circumstances: The people were in dire need of building materials because of the hurricane which also, naturally, caused dire poverty for many people.
3. Referring to something which is fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless: The situation became direr when Ted's mother saw him slip on the ice.
4. Concerning a circumstance which will result in a future catastrophe or have serious consequences: The terrorists threatened the people with the direst punishments of beatings and death for cooperating with their government.
5. Pertaining to the worst indications of trouble, disasters, or misfortunes: The preacher spoke to his congregation about the dire consequences of living immoral lives.
A reference to a terrible situation.
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Descriptive of a dangerous condition.
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