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director (s) (noun), directors (pl)
1. An individual who has been chosen to be in charge of an organization, a department, or of an activity: Mr. Black was appointed to be the funeral director in the funeral home in the small town.
2. One of the members of a committee who watches over the proceedings or transactions of a business or of something of public interest: There is evidently some friction and misunderstanding between the shareholders and the board of directors in the business that is located in the town where Joan lives.
3. Someone who is in charge of a camera crew, staff for a movie, the actors for a television program, a drama, or for comparable productions: Not only was Jackie the director of the play, but she also wrote it herself!

Janet, who had a lot of experience in stage productions, was the assistant director for the musical that was going to be put on by and for the students at the local high school.

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