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direct (di REKT, digh REKT) (adjective), more direct, most direct
1. Referring to the shortest way without any diversion: Mary didn’t want to transfer planes on her way from Toronto to Frankfurt, so she took the direct route.
2. Pertaining to a light or heat source which is not blocked or reflected: The direct rays of the sun were not good for the plants in Jane’s garden because they needed shade instead.
3. Concerning something which takes place without any interference or go-betweens: The direct results of Mary’s baking were fabulous cookies, which smelled fantastic and tasted delicious!
4. Characteristic of someone who is being frank and straight to the point: Tom wanted to be very direct and say exactly what he meant and not cause any misunderstandings.
5. Relating to the exact wording of what a person has said: The direct quotations used in the book that Julia was citing had footnotes at the bottom of each page.
6. Denoting the sequence from parent to offspring: The story goes that Mark is the direct descendent of the owner of the old house down the street and he will be its inheritor. 
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direct (verb), directs; directed; directing
1. To manage something; to oversee; to preside over: The school administration will supervise, or direct, the use of the library next year.
2. To conduct a group of musicians: The new music teacher at the school will be directing the choir at the concert at the end of the school year.
3. To aim something in a certain direction or at a particular person: The smile on Jack’s face was directed at Jill, his girlfriend!
4. To tell someone how to go someplace: Since Rebecca didn’t know the way to the theater, Lynn, who was in the passenger seat of the car, easily directed her there.
5. To give instructions for the shipment or delivery of a package or written communication: The letter that was in David’s mailbox wasn’t directed to him, but to a friend of his who had a similar name.
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direct, direct, erect
direct (di REKT, digh REKT) (verb)
To show or to point out a way to accomplish a task; moving from point to point without changing direction: The manager's job was to direct the workers as they built the railroads.

The tourist asked, "Can you direct me to the best route to the next town?"

direct (di REKT, digh REKT) (adjective)
Straightforward, not distracted: Betsy's direct answer to the question was very reassuring to the worried banker.
erect (i REKT) (verb)
To build or to fix something: Elton helped the children erect a model railroad tract.

The shop teacher was able to direct the students so they could erect a safe fire tower outside.

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(Latin: straight [intestine], direct, right; that is, "the part of the large intestine that ends at the anus")
(Named after the Italian physician and physicist who investigated the nature and effects of what he conceived to be electricity in animal tissue; who in 1762 discovered and first described voltaic electricity; electric currents; and primarily, direct electrical current.)
(Latin: to direct, to rule, to lead straight, to keep straight; to guide, to govern)
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direct auscultation (s) (noun), direct auscultations (pl)
The act of listening to the internal sounds of the body, and in this case, it is performed without the stethoscope: Tom used direct auscultation to determine if he could detect the heartbeats of his unborn child inside his wife’s uterus.
direct measurement of electrolytes (s) (noun), direct measurements of electrolytes (pl)
The measurement of serum or blood ions; such as, sodium, chloride, and potassium, without prior dilution of the sample: The direct measurement of electrolytes is considered to be more nearly accurate than analysis by indirect methods because it is not susceptible to error in cases of hyperlipidemia or excess lipids (fatty, greasy, oily, and waxy compounds) in the blood.
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direct ophthalmoscope (s) (noun), direct ophthalmoscopes (pl)
An device that is designed to visualize the interior of the eye, with the instrument relatively close to the subject's eye and the observer viewing an upright magnified image: In order to give the Sarah the best advice regarding her macular degeneration, the eye doctor used a direct ophthalmoscope in a darkened room to examine the retina and macula of the eye.
direct transfusion (s) (noun), direct transfusions (pl)
The movement of blood directly from one person to another one: Direct transfusion is the medical process of a person’s vital body fluid being given straight from the donor to the recipient by using an interconnecting hollow tube.
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direct vision (s) (noun), direct visions (pl)
The observation of an object on which the part of the retina of each eye distinguishes the fine details at the center of the field of vision that the eyes are focused on: Dr. Rebecca Bond, the ophthalmologist, determined that Joseph’s direct vision was normal because the image of the item he saw fell directly on the yellow spot, or macula lutea, of his eyes.
electronic motor control; direct-current motor control, motor control
1. An electronic instrument which adjusts the speed of a DC (direct current) motor when it is driven by an AC (alternating current) power line.
2. A control circuit used to change or to vary the speed of a direct-current (DC) motor operated from an alternating-current (AC) power line.

Silicon controlled rectifiers or power transistors rectify or correct the voltage and vary the field current of the motor.

laryngoscopy, direct laryngoscopy
Examination of the interior of the larynx, especially that which is performed with the laryngoscope.
(phrases or Bible quotations that are derived directly from the King Jame's version of the Bible many of which are direct quotations)
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direct beam radiation
Radiation received by direct solar rays.

Measured by a pyrheliometer with a solar aperture of 5.7 degrees to transcribe the solar disc.

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direct current; DC
A type of electricity transmission and distribution by which electricity flows in one direction through the conductor, usually relatively low voltage and high current.

To be used for typical 120 volt or 220 volt household appliances, DC must be converted to alternating current, its opposite.

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direct insolation
Sunlight falling directly upon a collector.

Opposite of diffuse insolation.

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direct lighting
Lighting placed into, or attached from, the ceiling of a room in order to provide general overhead artificial light.
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