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diplopoda (s) (noun), diplopodas (pl)
The millipedes and centipedes are worm-like creatures with cylindrical bodies and several pairs of legs: These diplopodas have heads and segmented bodies with each section having two pairs of legs, except for the first and last areas.

As diplopodas, millipedes and centipedes have many features in common: a body composed of a small head with antennae and jaws, and a long trunk consisting of many essentially similar segments.

The millipedes are slow moving vegetarians, while the centipedes by contrast, move swiftly with a sharp pair of jaws connected to poison glands and each segment has one pair of legs.

—Compiled from information located in
General Zoology by Gairdner B. Moment; Goucher College;
Houghton Mifflin Company; Cambridge, Massachusetts; 1958, pages 349-350.
A millipede..
A millipede diplopoda.
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A centipede.
A centipede diplopoda.
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