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different (adjective), more different, most different
Descriptive of that which is incompatible, distinguished, or unusual: The sisters had very different hair styles, manner of dressing and speaking to such a degree that it was hard to imagine that they were actually twins.
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(Greek: different, other, another; divergence; a combining form denoting a condition differing from the normal or a reversal, or referring to "another")
(Greek: different, of or belonging to another; foreign, strange; abnormal; perverse)
(Latin: different, other, another; to change, to modify)
(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)
(Latin: different, separate, opposite; literally, turned away [from each other])
(Greek: different, other, another, unlike; irregular, abnormal)
(Latin: different, diversity, change, changing)
(Greek: foreign, foreigner; alien; different; extraneous; strange, stranger; and by extension, guest)