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deference, difference
deference (DEF ur uhns) (noun)
1. A yielding in opinion, judgment or wishes: The junior lawyer showed deference to his senior partner by agreeing with his request to adjourn.
2. Courteous regard or respect for someone or something: Clay was taught to show deference to people who were as old as his grandparents.
difference (DIF ur uhns, DIF ruhns) (noun)
Not alike, dissimilar; not the same; the quality that makes one person or thing unlike another one: The difference between the two objects on the table was difficult to notice at first glance.

There's a striking difference in the sisters' opinions on the subject.

The deference that Steve's cousins have shown his aunt highlighted the difference in the manners between them and the rude students at the school where she taught.

difference (s) (noun), differences (pl)
1. A situation in which one person, or something, is not like another one: Jake's parents taught him the difference between what is right and proper and that which is unacceptable or morally wrong.

Mary believes that the difference between grocery store produce and Farmer's Market produce is the freshness.

2. The degree or amount by which some things are not the same or what is left after subtracting one number from another number: There is a 10-year difference between Jack's oldest daughter and her youngest sister.
3. A situation in which there is a divergence of opinion or direction that should be undertaken: The city councilors had several differences with Mr. Richison, the mayor, about how the parade for the summer festival should be organized.
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(People who made a difference, 1943-58, San Francisco)
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