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diagnosis (s), diagnoses (pl) (noun forms)
1. The identification of an illness or disorder in a patient through physical examination, medical tests, or other procedures.
2. A careful examination and analysis of the facts in an attempt to understand and explain something.
2. The identification of the natures or causes of something; especially, problems or faults.
4. A decision or conclusion reached by medical or other diagnosis: "The doctor's diagnosis was that he had appendicitis."
5. In biology, a scientific determination; a description that classifies a group or taxon precisely.
6. A determination or analysis of the cause or nature of a problem or situation.
7. An answer or solution to a problematic situation.
diagnosis, prognosis
diagnosis (digh" uhg NOH sis) (noun)
The investigation or identification of a problem, illness, etc.: The doctor will present her diagnosis at the conference at the hospital the following day.
prognosis (prag NOH sis) (noun)
Prospect of recovery after an illness or difficult situation: The doctor's prognosis for a full recovery pleased the patient very much.

The diagnosis given by the three specialists confirmed that the prognosis for Silvia was good and that she would have a full recovery.

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differential diagnosis (s) (noun), differential diagnoses (pl)
Knowledge that is acquired by considering the probability of one disease compared to the likelihood of some other diseases that might be responsible for a patient's illness: The differential diagnosis includes considering a runny nose, an allergic rhinitis (hay fever), the abuse of nasal decongestants, and a common cold to see if there are any connections between any of them.